How to create charges to my tenants?

 1. To create a payment Go to Accounting -> Receivables in the left-side menu and press +ADD button:  2. Now, you need to fill in the payee/property/unit as well as Due On/Category/Amount information; To make this payment recurring, switch the ‘Recurring’ toggle (as shown on the screenshot below) and fill the frequency:  3. Press SAVE […]

How to remove a lease?

 1. Go to Peoples -> Tenants in the left-side menu and click on the required tenant:  2. Scroll down and click on ‘Tenant Leases’:  3. Click on the required lease.  4. Then press DELETE LEASE button:

How to view a lease?

1. In order to view a lease, firstly go to Leasing -> Leases from you left-side menu and click on the required lease: NOTE: You can edit or delete the lease by clicking the appropriate button below

How to create lease?

1. To create lease go to Leasing -> Leases in the left-side menu and press +ADD LEASE button: 2. Fill in all the necessary fields and press CREATE button: 3. Here is the lease you created:

How to view the property reports?

1. To view your property reports, go to REPORTS from the left-side menu: 2. Select the type of report you want to view:

What reports can I find in

Using you can view such reports as: Property Reports Tenant Reports Owner & Vendor Reports Leasing Reports Accounting Reports Maintenance Reports

Maintenance Reports

1. Maintenance This report shows maintenance requests based on property. The report can be sorted by unit, tenant, service professional and request status. 2. Bidding system usage (coming soon)

Accounting Reports

1. Income & Expenses (Cash Flow) This report is meant to show activity that affects operating cash. Cash flow report shows all income and expenses for a specific period of time. The report includes all income and expenses, management fees paid, depreciation and interest expense over the set time period. Deposits, Prepaid rent and other […]

Leasing Reports

1. Leasing Summary (Rent roll report) The rent-roll report shows all tenants with an active lease in each property. The report includes the tenant’s name, deposits held, market rent and the balance owed. This report shows all leases based on property and searchable by owner. 2. Rental applications (coming soon) Gross Potential Rent is calculated […]

Owner & Vendor Reports

1. Owner statement The report shows owner’s property accounting based on each unit. The report includes the income and expenses, payment to owner and management fees. This report is designed to be delivered to an owner. 2. Vendor statement The report shows a vendor’s accounting. Report includes all paid and unpaid bills. The report can […]
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