Tenant Reports

1. Delinquency The Delinquency report displays the total amount receivable for every occupancy as of the day you run the report. It display whether an amount is overdue 30+, 60+, or 90+ days, the tenants’ last payment amount and date. 2. Security Deposit Funds This report displays a list of security deposits for each tenant. […]

Property Reports

1. Property Directory The report shows portfolio main matrices for each property. The metrics including names, addresses, total market rent, total sqft., owners and more. You can easily preform sorting and customize the report. 2. Gross Potential Rent Gross Potential Rent is calculated by taking the market rent of every unit on the property and […]

What is a subdomain name?

A subdomain is a domain that is part of a larger domain. In the Subdomain field, select the name of the subdomain you wish to use. For example, if you choose ‘riverside’, your subdomain will be *Please contact us, if you wish to use your own domain.  1. Go to Settings menu and choose […]

How to set up a custom domain for my website?

By default, when you choose the website name you wish to use, your subdomain will be If you wish to use your own domain, Please contact us.

How to list a unit to Marketing websites?

 1. Go to Website from the left-side menu:  2. Choose the unit/s you want to list: 3. Press LIST button: NOTE: By changing the toggle switch to “Listed # units”, you can see your listed units

How to activate and edit content at your landlord website?

 1. In order to activate your website, go to Settings menu and choose website setting:  2. Change the toggle switch to “Active”. 3. Select the website name you wish to use. It may be the name of your company, your personal name, etc. Your website address will have the format:  4. Fill in all […]

How to submit a maintenance request opened by the tenants?

 1. To see the new maintenance requests, go to Maintenance -> Tenant’s requests in the left-side menu and click on the required request: 2. Press on NEXT button to edit/add some details before submitting: 3. Press on GET OFFER: You can see all request statuses in Maintenance -> Tasks page: 5. When you receive a […]

How to upload account profile photo?

 1. To upload your account picture go to the left menu and click on the Profile Icon. 2. Click on UPLOAD PICTURE: 3. Press Save button to confirm:

How to add a property?

1. To add a property, go to Properties in the left-side menu 2. Press +ADD NEW PROPERTY: 3. Fill in all the necessary fields and press SUBMIT:

How to remove a property?

1. To delete a property, go to Properties in the left-side menu 2. Press on its name: 3. Scroll down and press DELETE PROPERTY button:
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